Thursday, June 14, 2012

Orientation Reflection

My expectations for this program are to acquire additional administrative and leadership skills that will help me to be successful in my role as the director of technology. I also hope to gain new insights on myself as a learner and leader as well as the online learning process as a whole. I hope to be able to directly apply my new learning to benefit the students and staff in my school. I have taken online courses in the past, but these courses seem to have a larger variety of activities and requirements. This will be more engaging and challenging as I work through the program. With a busy job and two small children, I have found that I need to block out chunks of time in our family calendar, hole up in my bedroom and plug through the work so that I can meet deadlines. I am not great at multitasking for meaningful tasks, so this scheduled time is a must for me as a learner. I am still getting the hang of the online learning environment. There are a lot of components, and things are posted in multiple locations. This is helpful but also confusing. I believe that once I am enrolled in an actual course, and have more time to navigate the environment, this will start to make more sense.

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  1. Katri,

    I'm confident that once you are in the first course things will click and you will get yourself into a nice flow for both information gathering and sharing. Online learning is a great tool for busy people, but you are certainly smart in carving out specific times and ensuring you have that isolation to complete the assignments. Good luck!